About Us


Marjorie Tuff, President
Kris Provenzano, Secretary/Treasurer
Leigh Cohen, Board Member
Lori Montero, Board Member
Ansley Provenzano, Board Member
Louise Russell, Board Member
Jerry Sulewski, Board Member


Tuff Quest is a 501(c)(3) organization awarding scholarships to our finest Collie Club of America Junior handlers for their continued education.  Tuff Quest was started by Marjorie Tuff, a retired school teacher, for the benefit of children participating in junior showmanship events with their Collies. Here’s where you can learn more about Marjorie, her vision, and her passion for children and the sport of purebred dogs along with the history behind the organization.


Marjorie Tuff has been involved with the sport of dogs since 1971. Her first show dog was a tri smooth Collie bitch. She was lovely; and, definitely had a mind of her own! Shortly thereafter, Marjorie was privileged to own her first Sheltie, whose name was “Robi”. Now, Robi was a show dog. He loved people, crowds and food, and if there was clapping, he always thought it was for him.  What a pleasure it was to have him around. These two were the first of their breeds to enter Marjorie’s life. Even though there have been many since, she always remembers them as they have a special place in her heart.

Marjorie started judging in 1989. She now judges the herding group, the toy group,  1/2 of the non-sporting breeds, Junior Showmanship, Best in Show, and a number of different breeds in other groups. She has judged national specialties for the Havanese, the Lowchen, and the Shetland Sheepdog. Marjorie is very active in stewarding and each May, she is the Chief Steward for the Trenton Kennel Club. For 12 years, she was active in the New Jersey Dog Federation and worked on many important issues pertaining to dog legislation. She currently serves as the American Shetland Sheepdog Association’s delegate to the American Kennel Club.

Children have always been a particular interest of hers as she taught school for many years. Marjorie, now a retired school teacher, has been in charge of the Collie Club of America (CCA) juniors program for years. The CCA juniors program is second to none and is the model to which many breed clubs aspire. The mission of her program is to create well rounded individuals whose sportsmanship skills are enhanced by a sense of sportsmanship and fair play with a more important emphasis on obtaining a solid educational foundation. Thus, Tuff Quest was founded as a tax deductible, not for profit 501c3 whose sole purpose is to offer scholarships to our former graduating seniors and current undergraduate college students.


The mission of Tuff Quest is simple – to fund and provide assistance by awarding scholarships to aid in furthering the educational goals of our young people, our junior handlers, who are participating in the sport of showing pure-bred Collies.